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Engineered I Beams

I Beam JoistI beam joists consist of three components; a top flange, a bottom flange and a web. The top and bottom flanges are either made from plain softwood or engineered softwood, depending on the manufacturer. The webs are usually made using oriented strand board or ply. See below image showing the configuration in an ‘I’ formation.

I beams are used as the configuration allows longer spans to be achieved over those of standard softwood joists. Engineered joists are also less susceptible to shrinkage due to the lower moisture content of the engineered components. Less shrinkage means less cracking and squeaking of floors and more dimensional accuracy over plain sawn timbers.

‘Knockout’ holes are provided within the joist webs to allow services to carry through without having to carry out labour and time intensive drilling of the joists.

We can provide a quotation for supply of the joists only or for a whole floor package including ancillaries.
Ancillaries include:

  • Joist hangers
  • Noggins
  • Strutting
  • Floor decking
  • Rim board
  • Restraint straps

Joists can also be supplied in full manufactured lengths which are usually 8, 10 and 12 metres long and in the case of some manufacturers 15m. Depths range from 175mm to 450mm.