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Roof Trusses

Featured Roof TrussPre-manufactured roof trusses comprise of softwood rafters, ties and webs plated together using galvanised steel nail plates. Trusses are used as the predominant method of new roof construction over traditional loose timber construction due to the speed of installation and minimal time required for setting out. There is also almost zero site wastage when using roof trusses as they are manufactured using factory optimising processes therefore making the most of the raw materials. Roof trusses also come with their own set of structural calculations to corroborate the design and products and to satisfy Local Authority Building Control.

The timber used in our roof trusses is always from a sustainable source and graded to the highest standards to ensure a consistent quality throughout. The galvanised nail plates used at the joints between the components are designed to be pressed into the adjoining timbers using a specialist truss press which creates an extremely strong, calculated joint to handle the loads form the roof structure and external elements.

Why use roof trusses?

  • Quick to set out and install.
  • Dimensionally accurate to within 5mm.
  • Consistent product throughout the roof structure that is provided.
  • Calculations to verify the design and structure.
  • No site cutting or measuring required to create the basic roof structure.
  • Large spans possible.
  • Attic trusses possible without the need for structural purlins.
  • Most roof designs possible using roof trusses.